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Our Favorite Party Trend: Late Night Snacks

The latest and greatest in a long line of party trends: the late night snack. Show your guests how much you love them by saving them a trip to McDonald’s and giving them a yummy post-dancing and drinking treat to snag on the way home. Here are some of our favorite late night snack ideas.

S’mores Bar

S'mores Bar late night snack at wedding

We could not get over the cute aesthetics of this one. A build-your-own s’mores bar is delicious and adorable. We recognize that adding an open flame after the drinks have been flowing all night may not be the best idea, so we recommend a few portable s’mores makers that heat up from the inside– all the same fun without any risk.

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn late night snack at wedding

Nothing smells or tastes better after a night of drinking than movie theater popcorn. Roll out the machine and send your guests home with warm, buttery popcorn. You can serve it in custom popcorn buckets, which will also make a nice party favor they can hold onto forever. 

Fast Food

Whataburger late night snack at wedding

Chick-Fil-A late night snack at wedding

In all seriousness, you KNOW the majority of your guests are hitting up Whataburger the second they leave so why not save them the trip? Whataburger and Chick-Fil-A are always fan-favorites. Hit ‘em with a biscuit they can savor all the way home. 


Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and donuts late night snack at wedding

The ultimate hangover cure: coffee and donuts. After all, it's probably getting close to morning anyway! So, why not get a head start? No one can ever say no to a donut hole, and the set up of a coffee and donut bar can also be extremely photogenic. We love the idea of skewering the donut holes to make this a nice late-night grab and go treat. 


pizza late night snack at wedding

pizza box late night snack at wedding

Perhaps tied with fries as the best drunk snack on the planet, a good slice of pizza on the way home from a night out is truly life-giving. You can serve mini pizza at the end of the night, or even give your guests custom to-go boxes to take on the road.

Whatever your favorite snack is, we hope one of these inspired you to share it with your party guests! There’s not one guest who won’t thank you for it!

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