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How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is one of the more glamorous pre-wedding festivities for the bridal party to attend! Shower the bride-to-be with gifts in anticipation of her married life and enjoy a lovely gathering with the women closest to the bride. From picking the perfect location to deciding on the best entertainment, this guide will help you craft the perfect bridal shower.

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Location, Location, Location

Bridal showers can be hosted by the maid of honor or by a wide range of family members who want to spearhead the planning process. Although they are often hosted at a loved one’s home, they can be held at various restaurants, bars or event spaces that cater to your attendee size, budget, and other preferences. Go all out with an extravagant dinner for close wedding guests, or host an enchanting backyard get together.

Choose a Theme

A theme isn’t required for a bridal shower, however it is a fun way to add some personality into the celebration!  Themes can be as simple as charming rustic decor, dreamy outdoor gardens, or fun floral romance. A theme doesn’t always have to be so out there, but it should include elements that the bride enjoys. For example, if the bride is a baker-at-heart or enjoys all things country, a theme should follow suit. Don’t forget a photo-worthy centerpiece to tie everything together! At the end of the day it’s all about the memories!

Set the Menu

Your food and drink options should account for the party’s theme and time of day. Stock up on mimosas and pastries for the perfect brunch, or partake in a picnic with charcuterie boards and various wines. Cap off your festivities with bridal-shower themed desserts from a local bakery, or turn it into a celebratory evening by serving up refreshing drinks such as a champagne party punch or fruity mango sangria. Include personalized cups to make the bride feel extra special!

Book Memorable Entertainment

Make the bridal shower truly great with live music! Imagine the bride’s surprise as a solo artist conducts a touching performance of her favorite songs. Want to have a more engaging experience? Entertain the bride and her guests with an interactive live band karaoke experience from Moontower Radio. Sing your heart out to the best songs with the backing of a live band! Plus, it’s a great way for guests to bond before the big day. Have attendees rave long after the party is over by booking live music!

At the end of the day, bridal showers are a special time to shower the bride with love and memories that she will treasure for years to come. Be sure to make the party memorable by booking live music with Moontower Entertainment! No matter what you decide to do, remember to have fun, make memories, and enjoy the festivities.

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