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5 Tips for Discovering New Music

With so many different artists and genres to explore, finding new music can seem like a daunting challenge. From attending live shows to listening to curated radio stations, here are our top 5 tips to discover music and find your next favorite artist!

Love and Happiness Band
Photo by: Fallon Stovall Photo

Utilize Music Streaming Services:

Streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music can provide personalized recommendations based on your listening history and preferences. Explore curated playlists from editors and listeners alike, as well as various discovery features to find new music tailored to your unique tastes. Your next favorite tune could be right around the corner, hidden in a playlist that’s waiting to be discovered!

Listen to Radio Shows:

Still listen to the radio? If you’re in Austin, you definitely should be! The Live Music Capital of the World boasts many award-winning radio stations, including KUTX 98.9, ACL Radio 97.1, and KOOP 91.7. Expert radio hosts will guide your ears through unique listening experiences, introducing you to new music and local favorites. Next time you find yourself driving around town or running some errands, turn on the radio and crank up the volume!

Social Pages and Music Blogs:

Follow bloggers and music review websites that cover a wide range of genres. These platforms often feature new releases, artist spotlights, and in-depth reviews that can introduce you to fresh sounds and emerging artists. Stay ahead of the curve by engaging with fellow music enthusiasts! Share recommendations and participate in discussions about different genres, artists, and albums.

Attend Live Shows and Concerts:

Get ready to tell your friends “I saw them before their big break” by immersing yourself in the local live music scene. Support local artists by attending live shows, concerts, and open mic nights. Catch Motown Mondays with Matchmaker Band at The Highball for an authentic soulful energy! High-energy group, PDA Band, rocks the stage at Icenhauer’s every Sunday, and lively favorite Love and Happiness every Wednesday night. You never know when you might stumble upon your new favorite band or artist!

Keep an Open Mind and Stay Curious:

Above all, the key to discovering new music is to keep an open mind and stay curious. Step out of your comfort zone and explore music from different genres, cultures, and time periods. Music discovery is all about exploration and embracing the unexpected. You never know what might resonate with you! 

We hope this list can give you the confidence to discover new music and find your new favorite album, song, or artist. Be sure to catch a live performance by one of Moontower Entertainment’s award winning bands at various locations around Austin. Don't be afraid to take chances and dive into new sounds – you might just discover your next musical obsession!

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