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Best Austin TX Ballroom Wedding Venues

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Ah, Austin, TX. Known for its vibrant music scene and picturesque Hill Country views. But did you know it's also home to some of the most enchanting ballroom wedding venues? Dive in and discover your potential fairy tale backdrop!

Introduction to Austin Wedding Ambiance

From the trendy streets of East Austin to the serene views of Lake Travis, the capital city offers an array of wedding venues that blend traditional elegance with modern Texan charm. No wonder it's an increasingly popular choice for couples eyeing the perfect venue.

Venue Highlights

1900 University Avenue

1900 University Ave ballroom for weddings in austin

Elegance with Texas Flair Austin's own 1900 University Avenue promises a blend of grandeur and Texas warmth. The ballroom here exudes sophistication, making it a standout choice among ballrooms in Austin, TX.

Four Seasons Hotel Austin

Four Seasons Hotel ballroom in austin for weddings

Choices for Every Event Size When thinking of wedding venues, especially with a touch of luxury, the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin comes to mind. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, their ballrooms cater to all.

Hyatt Regency Austin

Hyatt Regency Austin ballroom for weddings

Lakeside Luxuries Nestled on the banks of Lady Bird Lake, the Hyatt Regency provides both picturesque views and an upscale ambiance. Its diverse range of ballrooms guarantees that every couple finds their dream space.

Lakeway Resort and Spa

Lake Way resort and Spa ballroom for weddings

Lake Travis and Hill Country Charm Imagine tying the knot with the scenic Lake Travis as your backdrop! The Lakeway Resort offers this and more with its perfect mix of rustic and contemporary designs.

W Hotel Austin

W hotel Austin ballroom for weddings

Contemporary Style Downtown Located in the heart of downtown Austin, the W Hotel Austin offers modern aesthetics ideal for couples seeking a contemporary touch to their ceremonies.

Westin Austin Downtown

West Austin Downtown Hotel ballroom for weddings

In the Heart of the Action A stone's throw from the pulsating 6th Street, the Westin Austin Downtown boasts a stylish ballroom perfect for a dreamy Austin wedding.

Thistlewood Manor

Thistlewood manner ballroom for wedding

French Sophistication Meets Texas For those who fancy French décor in the heart of Texas, Thistlewood Manor offers a timeless venue adorned with grand staircases and lavish chandeliers.

Additional Noteworthy Venues

Austin doesn't stop impressing there. The Red Oak Ballroom, renowned for its elegance, the Texas Union Ballroom with its historic charm, and the expansive Austin Convention Center, suitable for large-scale events, are also worth exploring.


In Austin, TX, your dream ballroom wedding venue awaits. Whether you're drawn to lakeside views, downtown chic, or Hill Country charm, Austin's diverse array of venues promises something for every couple. Now, all that's left is to dance the night away in one of these dreamy ballrooms.


  1. Are there intimate wedding venues available in Austin, TX?

    • Absolutely! Places like the Four Seasons offer ballrooms that cater to smaller gatherings, ensuring an intimate setting.

  2. Is downtown Austin a popular location for wedding venues?

    • Yes, venues like the W Hotel Austin and Westin Austin Downtown are prime examples of popular wedding spots in the heart of the city.

  3. Can I find a venue with a mix of indoor and outdoor space in Austin?

    • Certainly. Many venues, including the Lakeway Resort and Thistlewood Manor, offer both indoor ballrooms and scenic outdoor areas.

  4. Are there venues in Austin suitable for both wedding ceremonies and receptions?

    • Most of the mentioned venues cater to both ceremonies and receptions, offering flexible spaces to suit your needs.

  5. What are some venues with a unique theme or setting in Austin?

    • Hotel Granduca with its Italian touch and Thistlewood Manor's French sophistication stand out as unique themed venues in Austin.

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